Jaguar Building Coventry University (Phase 2)


Recently named as the country’s top modern university, Coventry University is establishing a strong reputation for excellence.

Academic ambitions have been supported by a £160 million redevelopment of its city centre campus which included the  refurbishment of the Jaguar Building, a centre for post graduates which dates from the 1970s.

Work on the Jaguar Building was carried out in two phases with Phi Lighting successfully supporting building services consultants, Jonathan Richard Associates (JRA Ltd), on both projects.

Phase One, which is covered in a separate case study, saw an area previously used for technology and teaching transformed into meeting/seminar rooms and a large open-plan office/study area.

The second phase involved the infilling of an existing courtyard to create an informal learning and social space with a feature glazed roof.


Coventry University wanted to create a vibrant, welcoming area for students to use on a daily basis.

Lighting was key for the two-storey building, with the final scheme needing to complement the high natural light levels provided by the atrium’s glazed roof and roof lights.


Phi’s design for phase two of the development featured a striking range of energy-efficient linear fittings and contemporary downlighters.

To keep the glass ceiling free from additional lights, Phi’s solution incorporated its Linear Continuous Stria system. This offered a bright ribbon of light around the inside of the first floor landing and by directing high levels of light both up and down, it provided an even spread of illumination to the central section of the atrium.

For the ground floor and first floor ceilings Single Recess Stria luminaires were set in angular patterns to give the building a contemporary look and feel. The fittings also proved ideally suited to the spaces between the roof lights in the first floor ceiling.

Additional lighting around the outside of the landing spaces was provided by Iris Eco fluorescent downlighters with the stylish, suspended Flow fittings providing a softer light in the study rooms. Teaching and lecture rooms benefited from the high efficiency and output levels of Phi’s recessed Echoic fittings.

For maximum efficiency and to ensure optimum light levels at all times, all spaces were fitted with fully automatic daylight and presence controls.

Commenting on Phi’s contribution, director of JRA Ltd, Jonathan Richards, said: “This was another successful project completed in conjunction with Phi who once again demonstrated their reliability.

“Within the design, lighting was  critical and Phi came up with some great ideas and certainly did everything that we could have expected.

“The university was delighted with the finished space. Before, it was dull and uninspiring. Now it’s being used to its full potential 12 hours a day, five days a week.”

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