Philosophy & Approach

Our business together evolves quickly to mirror rapid changes in user, cultural and technological landscapes. So, we too adapt, to embrace these changes. Nevertheless, one thing remains constant: our conviction that it is people who do business. 

It follows, we believe, that businesses are built by conversations and not communications. The conversations that take place between real people are the ones which fundamentally affect the performance of your business and ours.

Our fully integrated offering and technical expertise improves the value of your conversations with Phi and, in turn, those you have with clients.

This website is designed to communicate what it would be like to work with us; the type of projects to which we add value and the tools we use to facilitate this.



We strive to offer value for money by embracing lower cost and more efficient manufacturing methods. Click below to learn more.

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What We Do

Since 2003 Phi Lighting has been engaged in the design, development, manufacture and sale of high quality, design-led lighting products and systems which add value and benefit through technical innovation.

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Our intention is to produce the right solutions first, mindful of costs. Click below to read about our environmental policy.

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Phi in Nature

Curious name Phi! Why Phi? Well, Phi is a symbol of mathematical progression….

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Winners - MSPS & PHI


We undertook extensive and independent market research, interviewing stakeholders who helped identify our Competitive Advantages

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