Light, technologies and services have been made available in fragmented ways and presented to the user with unfamiliar interfaces. Quite simply, today’s user wants technology to serve their ever-changing needs.

A new generation of connectivity allows lighting to support features and services that have not previously been within reach, giving lighting designers, architects, end users, occupiers and facilities managers an important enabler for the Internet of Things. This interconnected world presents new ways for Phi to develop an ecosystem which enables lighting to be personalised whilst enjoying limitless applications.

Light has a great effect on our bodies and influences our moods and activity levels. Studies have found that exposing occupants to natural full-spectrum LED- which supports the human circadian rhythm – increase overall well-being, increases concentration, and improves motivation. This type of light therapy makes up for the lost sunlight exposure and resets the body’s internal clock, creating the best possible condition whilst staying indoors.

Focus is a remarkably intelligent system created to enhance a user’s experience, well-being and comfort with just a simple touch.

So much tech has gone into this light…so you could get even more out of it.

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