Harbour Island, Docklands

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Location background

Forming part of the Harbour Exchange Square office development near Canary Wharf, Harbour Island is a unique office and retail development built over Millwall Inner Dock.

Phi’s brief

As part of a recent refurbishment, Phi was approached to provide striking, contemporary exterior lighting, in addition to the internal office lighting, that would help the building to stand out on the waterfront and amongst the impressive commercial buildings of the Docklands area. LEDs were specified for greater efficiency and low maintenance.

Phi’s solution

Phi supplied a combination of wall-wash and accent LED exterior fittings to highlight the architectural features of the Harbour Island building.

The central façade across all floors is illuminated by indirect wall-washing Fresco 5 fittings, whilst the prominent arches rising to the second storey are highlighted on either side by direct/indirect wall-mounted fittings, with powerful asymmetric narrow beams producing a distinctive column effect.

Smaller surface-mounted direct accent fittings provide a similar effect around the smaller arched windows running along front and back of the building at second floor level.

At ground level, quayside walkways by the retail areas are flooded with light provided by surface-mounted LED bulkhead fittings with a wide 60-degree lens angle.

“Our luminaires combine well to give prominence to the Harbour Island building and the overall effect is extremely impressive,” said Phi Lighting’s managing director Jon Dale.

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