Phi shines light on London’s heritage

We’re proud to have been commissioned to provide the lighting for the historic Stanley Building which forms part of the redevelopment of the heritage buildings at King’s Cross.

More than 20 buildings and structures dating from the 19th Century are currently being refurbished and given new uses.

Dating from 1864-65, the Stanley Buildings were an early form of social housing, designed to offer a higher standard of accommodation for King’s Cross workers. Originally, there were five buildings housing 104 families, with four flats on each floor.

They were unusual because the accommodation was self-contained while the buildings were also an early example of the use of concrete in construction.

The one remaining Stanley Building is being converted to house serviced offices and meeting rooms as part of a stunning 30,000 sq ft development by The Office Group. We’ll be posting updates on this fascinating project over the coming months.