Lighting products designed to improve your mood

There’s been plenty of discussion recently about how indoor artificial lighting can suppress melatonin production, which has been found to reduce the quality of sleep and contribute to a range of health issues from depression to Alzheimer’s. (See our recent blog here.)

We have a particular interest in this subject as we are at the forefront of the recent move towards Human Centric Lighting (HCL) solutions. HCL is known to have positive effects for both the conscious and subconscious mind: influencing mood, behaviour, sleep patterns, and general wellbeing.

In tune with your natural rhythms

Phi Lighting offer a range of lighting products and solutions that aid wellbeing and many of these can incorporate Tunable White Lighting (TWL), a technology that is key to HCL.

Recent studies have established that exposing people to natural full-spectrum LED, which supports the human circadian rhythm, can increase overall wellbeing. With TWL, the colour of white can be modulated from warm to cold using a pre-determined profile designed to follow the approximate behaviour of sunlight affected by the earth’s atmosphere.

Many of our lighting products can be combined in an installation to promote wellness. These include ceiling lights, pendant lights, recessed lights, suspended lights, wall lights and solutions, as well as emergency lighting solutions and safety lighting.

Reaching new Heights

While HCL is a relatively new concept within mainstream building development, we are already beginning to see some of our own HCL projects come to fruition. The most noteworthy of these is the prestigious Heights commercial property in Weybridge, Surrey, which is home to some of the biggest brands in the world.

To complement the stunning architectural design, Phi provided a tailored lighting solution using HCL to promote natural Circadian rhythms for the occupants. The lighting installation mimicked the sun and can be automated to fit the environment.

This healthier and smarter lighting solution we have provided at the Heights will not only help conserve energy and reduce costs, it will also influence the mood, behaviour and sleeping patterns of the occupants. This, in turn, will benefit the business with increased productivity, fewer employee absences and enhanced general wellbeing. That’s the great thing about HCL; everyone wins.

Connect with Focus

Beyond these more expected products, we also offer Focus, a new solution which really has the power to capture the imagination. This is an intelligent system created to enhance a user’s experience, wellbeing and comfort with just a simple touch.

Focus is part of a new generation of connectivity which allows lighting to support features and services that have not previously been within reach. This importantly gives lighting designers, architects, end users, occupiers and facilities managers an important enabler for the Internet of Things. Watch this space for more developments in this area…

Find out what we could do for you

HCL might be a relatively new concept, but it perfectly captures the zeitgeist and is sure to quickly grow in popularity.

At Phi, we have a range of off the shelf products which can answer most briefs, and we also offer bespoke solutions designed to enhance the wellbeing of your employees. If you’d like to talk to an expert lighting company that is already ahead of the game in terms of HCL, please give us a call on 01926 640 366.