Phi Environmental Policy

Phi Lighting Limited is an Original Design and Manufacturer of technical lighting equipment for commercial projects. Environment and climate are important issues for us and we recognise that the manufacture of lighting has an impact on the environment, notably the use of raw materials and that we cause carbon and waste emissions which we seek to minimise directly, indirectly and through our supply chain management.
Phi Lighting is committed to exceed the requirements of legislation, codes of practice and regulations relevant to our industry. Accepting the manufacture of goods has an impact on the environment, our aim is to minimise our total environmental impact through the use of efficient technologies, to minimise lifecycle costs and power consumption of our products.
It is our policy to:
Make efficient use of natural resources by conserving energy and water, minimising rework and repetition and recycling wherever possible.
Meet our responsibilities regarding the proper management, safe keeping, transportation, reuse and appropriate disposal of waste.
Make use of recycled materials wherever possible, including the packaging of goods.
To work with suppliers to ensure they recognise our commitment and that they too reduce the environmental impact of their products, goods and services.
Encourage feedback from our employees regarding the improvement of our performance related to the environment.
Seek improvement in our environmental performance and through energy reduction on the workplace
Our policy is presented to our staff, prominently displayed and reviewed regularly for change to account for legislative, organisational and other developments.
Our business is located to be able to utilise local staff and through this we aim to minimise our carbon footprint through transportation. We operate a flexible policy regarding hours of work to promote a family friendly and flexible working environment.