Better value lighting for multi-site clients


For Phi Lighting it is important we recognise new market trends and demands at an early stage and respond to them with specific strategies to offer value and differentiation.

As an SME (small to medium-sized enterprise) with the strategic leaders of our business close to the day-to-day action we feel we sense these demands better than some of our larger contemporaries whose leaders are more remote.

By way of example, we found ourselves undertaking several projects for the same developer, through different project teams, with different time scales. The developer discussed with us how he might derive best value and wondered whether traditional contract structures in the market allowed this. Individually negotiated contracts, where each project is a separate entity, make this an interesting challenge – how will a client/developer hold buying power across separate projects?

Unit rates, rebates, quality, technical performance, service and supply commitments are all important facets of value. Centralisation, mutual appreciation of needs and flexibility in the arrangements are key to the success of the strategy we developed with this client.

If you have the same thoughts about value, or would like to discuss our commercial solutions relevant to your needs, please call me, I would be delighted to tailor a package to your specific needs too.

Jon Dale, Managing Director

01926 640366